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Why you should use Sous Vide

8 Reasons why you should use Sous Vide

1. Turn your home cooked meal into gourmet meal
Cooking at home to be as good as restaurant and rich in nutrition is not easy task. Undercooked meat is full of bacteria and diseases. Overcooked meat is dry and tough, not good eats. Cooking for members of the house is very caring.
Eating out is expensive and time consuming, You never know if they put in MSG or full of chemical

2. More nutrition
Sous vide food has more nutritions. Cooking for someone close has to be very caring. Nutrition are much higher in food cooked Sous Vide, You can be certain that your members are treated with care.

3. Save electricity
Save electricity. Sous vide machine only consume electricity as much as a 60 watts light bulb.

4. Easy to clean
No mess, We usually busy with work or housework. Cleaning up after meals often wear everyone down.  Sous vide cooking can make you fantastic piece of juicy tender meat and there is almost no pot and pan to clean

5. Cook ahead of time
Cook ahead of time You can cook food in the afternoon for it to be ready as dinner, the food will stay hot inside Sous vide machine ready to be served anytime. If you plan to cook a steak, why not make 10. Refrigerate them in chiller or freezer whenever you feel like eating just warm them up in Sous Vide machine. This way you get meals for many days and is perfect for those who plan their meal.

6. Save Money
Sous vide helps you save money, Sous vide cooking can make cheap cut of meat into most tender perfectly cooked juicy meat

7. Impress your guest
Impress your guest with food cooked sous vide. Guests will be impressed with your food and you have more time to accommodate guests as the food cooked Sous vide are hot and ready to be serve anytime.

8. Lose weight
Lose weight, Cooking Sous vide can result in very moist and tender lean meat without using oil or butter. You can have amazing juicy tender chicken breast or pork.