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สินค้า Sous Vide: Butcher Equipment
Perfect for your Dry Aged Beef: Handmade quality knives and carving fork. Set of 2 knives + fork with riveted olive wood handles – wow!
ราคา: 6,490.00 บาท
Olive Wood Steak Knife Set (4 pieces) – for the guaranteed best steak of your life from the DRY AGER® – Rounded handle for a perfect knife c...
ราคา: 9,850.00 บาท
Professional Knife Set (3 pieces) for meat processing. You will love it! The best knives for removing loin from the bone or general meat pro...
ราคา: 3,990.00 บาท
Reusable plastic labels for professional meat labeling. Available as 20 pieces set including skewers or labels separately.

Stable a...
ราคา: 1,650.00 บาท
The guarantee for undamaged hands when processing meat, with woven in stainless steel core for 100% protection against cuts. Machine washabl...
ราคา: 1,800.00 บาท
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