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Sous Vide Products: Molecular / Modernist Equipment
The PolyScience Rotary Vacuum Evaporation System provides virtually unlimited possibilities to evaporate, distill, separate and purify liqui...
Price: 480,000.00 Baht
Booker and Dax has created the Spinzall, the first centrifuge designed from the ground up for culinary use. Its revolutionary approach make...
Price: 0.00 Baht
For chefs that want to push boundaries, experiment with new and exciting techniques and create intense flavours and textures. The Cliftonfoo...
Price: 85,000.00 Baht
This cutting edge benchtop freeze dryer, known as the Cliftonfreezdryer, offers sophistication and simplicity of use. It allows innovation i...
Price: 490,000.00 Baht
Sonicate to New Culinary Directions

The PolyScience Sonicprep emits ultrasonic sound waves or "sonicates" to extract, infuse, homog...
Price: 280,000.00 Baht
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