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สินค้า:: Home Sous Vide - Anova Sous Vide NEW Wifi + Bluetooth Precision Cooker 900W เครื่องซูวี Anova/ 220V Thailand Plug & Electricity
รหัสสินค้า: ANV_W900
ราคา: 9,500.00บาท
เชื่อมต่อกับ Anova Sous Vide Unit ผ่าน Application บนมือถือของคุณ

สั่งการผ่านระบบ Wifi ได้ทุกที่ แม้แต่นอกบ้าน ผ่านระบบ Application ในมือถือ, สั่งการให้ Anova ทำอาหารและอุ่นอาหารให้ Perfect ระหว่างเดินทางกลับบ้าน พร้อมเสริ์ฟเมื่อเดินทางถึงบ้านของคุณได้เลย

หรือหาสูตรอาหารใหม่ จากเชฟทั่วโลกใน Application ในมือถือของ Anova และสั่งการทำสูตรอาหารนั้นๆได้เลย

*Amazon Echo Compatible, Voice Control


Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Android and iOS apps

Temperature Range
210°F / 99°C maximum temperature
77°F / 25°C minimum temperature
0.01° variance

Polycarbonate electronics encasement
Stainless steel skirt
Polycarbonate bottom cap

LED display
LED backlit scroll wheel
F° and C° programmable

Max-level shutoff sensor
Min-level alert sensor

Pump circulates 8 liters per minute
360° directional pump

Detailed Specifications

Temperature Range
Maximum: 210°F / 99°C
Minimum: 77°F / 25°C
Variance: ± 0.01°
Pump: 2.1 – 2.4 GPM 7-8 LPM
360° directional pump

Power and safety
Power input: 220-240V Thailand Plug
Bi-metal fuse
Heating power Wi-Fi: 900W

Display and controls
LED display
Set timer for up to 99 hours
LED backlit scroll wheel

Bluetooth: BLE 4.0
Wi-Fi: BLE 4.0 and 802.11 Wi-Fi
iOS app
Android app

Weight and Dimensions
Length: 2.75 in / 6.98 cm
Width: 2.75 in / 6.98 cm
Height: 14.75 in / 36.8 cm
Immersion Depth: 7.25 in / 18.415 cm
Max Clamp Opening: 1.25 in / 3.175 cm
Minimum Immersion Depth: 2.5 in / 6.35 cm
Weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg

In the Box
Precision cooker
Quick start guide
User manual
Adjustable clamp

Anova is the award-winning sous vide immersion circulator for the home chef. Like the professional models you can create a stirred water bath by simply attaching the device to any pot or container via its adjustable clamp. Now you too can create the perfect meal at home too.

High-end restaurants and professional chefs have been cooking sous vide for years. Now, with the Anova Precision Cooker, you can get restaurant quality results at home with the touch of a button. Anova makes it super simple to cook like a pro. No culinary experience necessary. Precision temperature control means incredible results, every time. Simply set the temperature and press start. Leave food in the pot and go about your day until you're ready to eat. Your food won’t overcook. Unlike any other method of cooking, food is cooked exactly how you like it from edge-to-edge with no guesswork.

Anova have created a brand new app specifically for the Precision Cooker WI-FI to get you cooking no matter where you are. Schedule a cook, let them do the rest, and come home to the best meal ever.

The Anova WI-FI App makes it incredibly easy to cook with your Anova Precision Cooker. Simply start your cook with your phone from anywhere are and your Precision Cooker WI-FI will do the rest. With push notifications from the Anova WI-FI App, you can spend less time tied to the kitchen and more time doing what you love. Head to the gym, run trails, or enjoy time with your family. Dinner will be ready when you are.

Now to the really technical bits. The devices working temperatures are from 25°C to 99°C, with accuracy 0.1°C. Actual temperature is clearly displayed to 0.1°C. It circulates the water at rate of 8 litres a minute so guarantees to eliminate any hot or cold spots, whilst remaining silent in operation. There is also both an audio & visual notification at the end of the set cooking period after which the circulator still continues to operate at the set temperature.
It is built with a state of the art 900w heating element that will never burn itself out.
It has been designed with a patent pending adjustable clamp to provide flexibility and convenience for cooks who want to use their own kitchen vessels of up to 20 litres or have limited space in the kitchen. When not in use it can be easily stored away taking up very little space.
You’ve probably heard of sous vide – a cooking technique that allows anyone to produce restaurant quality results. To cook sous vide, you place food in a plastic bag and immerse it in a water bath. Water gently circulates around the food, bringing it to a precise temperature and providing consistently amazing results.

It is as simple at 1,2,3,4.
1. Clamp your Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI to a water-and-ice-filled pot.
2. Prepare your food and place inside a vacuum sealer bag and remove the air using your vacuum sealer. Looking for Inspiration then why not try our book Sous Vide - The Art of Precision Cooking
3. Start your cook from anywhere via WI-FI
4. Remove the food from the vacuum pouch at the end of the cooking time and quickly sear to finish in a hot pan or with a blow torch and serve as you wish
It really is that easy.