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สินค้า:: Retarder Provers - ตู้ prover ตู้พรูฟ ตู้พักแป้ง ตู้หมักแป้ง Roll-in Levtronic J10 -6°+40°C RH 45÷95% 1 door EN60x40
รหัสสินค้า: Roll-in Levtronic J10 J100/1FH
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The new generation of LEVTRONIC counters, cabinets and Roll-In models create a microclimate ideal for maturing any dough, regardless of the weather conditions. You can customise a program based on the type of yeast and flour, and water characteristics to achieve extraordinary results every time. Are available a lot of models with a temperature range of -20°+40°C and -6°+40°C.

Elegant and refined design
The elegant glass touch display, installed so it is set flush to the panel, with rounded external corners and the high quality finishing give the LEVTRONIC cabinet a solid and refined appearance.

Controlled air flow
The differentiated and channelled air flow guarantees maximum temperature homogeneity on all the shelves, without directly altering the product, keeping it hydrated and its quality intact, without superficial cracks.