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สินค้า:: Molecular / Modernist Equipment - Spinzall Culinary Centrifuge
- 220v Spinzall Power Converter
- Pre Treatment Starter Pack
Chitosan 5g, Kieselsol 500ml, Pectinex Ultra SP-L 70ml, 3 Disposable Plastic Pippettes - 2ml
- SuperBag Super fine filter 100 Microns Small 4" x 8"
รหัสสินค้า: Spinzall
ราคา: 56,000.00บาท
Booker and Dax has created the Spinzall, the first centrifuge designed from the ground up for culinary use. Its revolutionary approach makes centrifuging an easy part of kitchen workflow in bars, restaurants, and homes.

When you subject a liquid or puree to thousands of times the force of gravity, amazing things happen. The densest components -- solid particles -- separate and sink, forming a puck. The least dense components -- typically oils -- float on the surface. Anything in between turns to a beautifully clarified liquid.

For several years, restaurants and bars have been using laboratory centrifuges to meld fruits with spirits, make flavored oils, clarify juices, separate fats, and perform other culinary feats.

The laboratory centrifuge you will find in a cutting-edge bar or restaurant today is a loud, 200 pound $8,000 beast that’s the size of an air conditioner, and requires delicate internal balancing each and every time you use it. And until now, your only smaller alternative was a mini-centrifuge that costs a few hundred dollars but has a minuscule yield of 100 milliliters under the best circumstances - in almost all cases, more trouble than it’s worth.

The Spinzall is designed to solve these problems, to be the centrifuge for every kitchen. It's under 20 pounds and portable, with a compact design that fits neatly in an airplane's overhead compartment. It runs quietly, with just a low hum. It can process a full 500 ml in a single batch, and if you use the included liquid pump you can process many liters of product without stopping.


- all parts except the motor base are dishwasher-safe

- works worldwide, on any power supply (with a transformer, purchased separately)

- spins at up to 4100 RPM, with a maximum force of almost 2,000 G

- because there's no air friction from tubes or buckets, the Spinzall doesn't heat up when it runs, like most centrifuges do, and thus doesn't require cooling

- because of its patent-pending rotor design, the Spinzall processes as fast, and often much faster, than the large centrifuges we designed it to replace. Most products only require between five and fifteen minutes of spinning time.

- includes a pump that allows you to run it continuously, processing one liter every twenty minutes

- Did we say quiet? It's very quiet.