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Products:: Sous Vide Accessories - Insulating Balls 200pcs
Product ships complete with:
Net Bag, Dishwashing Safe
Product Code: Insulating200
Price: 1,500.00Baht
Product Details:
Act as a lid

- Covers top of any open tank
- Reduces fumes, splashing hazard, heat loss and evaporation up to 90%
- Usable to 110°C
- Convenient for taking food in and out of the container without having to remove lid
- Suitable for Long Sous Vide Cooking

By covering the surface of your cooking vessel with these polypropylene balls, a reduction in water evaporation of up to 90% can be achieved, crucial when cooking using a thermal circulator for long periods of time. Undesired effects of light and odours are also significantly reduced.
The polypropylene balls are lightweight with a very hard and smooth surface which also helps prevent bacteria and chemical corrosion. The steam trapping balls allow you to cook without a cover with minimal heat loss and evaporation.

Each pack contains 100 balls of 3/4" (19 mm) diameter

Tank Polycarbonate 12 Litres - 200 balls
Tank Polycarbonate 18 Litres - 300 balls
Tank Polycarbonate 25 Litres - 300 balls
Tank Polycarbonate 50 Litres - 500 balls
Tank Polycarbonate 65 Litres - 500 balls